What Should We Talk About

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone.  I’ll get into New Year’s resolutions tomorrow.  Today I would like to talk about what you can expect in this blog of mine.  I’m not a expert on anything.  I know more about some things, less about others, and little to nothing about many things.  I am hoping that I will get comments that will enlighten me.  I am a middle-of-the-road sort of guy and I am happy to learn from people that have good information on any subject.  I want information not insults.  If all you can tell me is that I’m an idiot, well you’ll have to do that in person.  I won’t allow posting of personal attacks on me or on anyone expressing their opinion on a subject.  I will not allow those comments to be posted.

The things a know a bit about are writing, martial arts, and travel, and a bit about staying healthy.  I’ve been writing for over thirty years.  I am an uneducated writer.  I haven’t been trained and I don’t have a related degree so there is a lot that I can learn.  I have written six novels and I’m working on my seventh.  Four of them are available “The Teacher”, “500 Years from Home”, and “The Long Journey Home” on Lulu.com, and “Pioneers” in the Kindle Book Store.

I am a third degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.  I will be writing about martial arts.  I will mainly approach it from a logical point of view, that is not done most of the time.  Your greatest weapon in martial arts is your education.  The more you know about momentum, angular momentum, leverage, and how the body works; the easier the study of martial arts will be.

Cathy and I have done a bit of traveling over the years.  I have also visited many places when I worked as a contractor for the Navy.  I will talk about different places and I hope others will join in.  It is interesting to see the different opinions about places.  Again, I would like to see instructive information, not hatful talk about places.

The things I no little or nothing about are the issues of the day.  That will not stop me from commenting on them and then I hope people with real information will set me straight.  I guess I can be called a moderate liberal, that’s the way I think.  I do not ignore facts, however.  Show me the facts and I will reconsider my position.

That’s it.  Tomorrow will be the Happy New Year post and I will go one from there.  I hope learn from all of you.


Pete is a retired software developer, a writer, and a martial arts instructor. He lives in Maryland with his wife Cathy and they are enjoying their retirement. Pete is the author of four novels, "The Teacher", 500 Years from Home", and "The Long Journey Home" are available at Lulu.com; and "Pioneers" in available at the Kindle Book Store.

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