It’s Time to Play Detective

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Today I thought I would tell you a little about my detective series.  These are stories in the classic who-done-it style.  In addition to the stories I have created a mystery game in which four players can take the roles of the detectives and solve the cases.

You can pick up the first story of the series at the above address.  It is “The Case of the Missing Reechie.”  Let me know what you think of it. 

Welcome to the world of the Private Investigation Team. Let me tell you about the team.  The Private Investigation Team, or P.I.T. for short, has four highly skilled members.  They do their work in the fictional city of Avendale, Maryland.  This is a large city that sits on the Chesapeake Bay where the real town of Chesapeake Beach, Maryland is now. 

Tom Stockton is a sharp-eyed, middle-aged retired police detective.  He is an African/American with strong features and a slim build.  He has a reputation as a cop who could outwit any bad guy.  He could also mix it up with the toughest of them if he had to.  Tom started P.I.T. less than a year ago with the help of his friend and business partner Tony Merretti. 

 If something is going on in the lower west side of town, in the area known as Fan Alley, Tom might get some information for his father.  Tom’s father is an ex-cop who now does security for some floating craps and poker games in Fan Alley.  He and the Tom have a stable though touchy relationship and he will help when he can.  If something happens in Fan Alley, good old dad may know something about it. 

Tony is a former Green Barret and he spent some time working security for billionaire industrialist types around the world.  Tony has classic Roman features right down to his Roman nose and his black curly hair.  At six foot four he exceeded his ancestors in the size department and his power of presence makes men nervous and women smile.  Tony has been given the delicate title of enforcer.  He’s the muscle of the team.  Sometimes the team has to deal with people who only respond to intimidation, and that’s when Tony comes in.

 Tony has a friend that lives on the lower east side.  Tom Slade, Tony’s old commanding officer, lives there with his family.  He is now a colonel working at the Pentagon.  He is a good source for happenings on the lower east side and for things involving the military.

 Over the last several months the men hired two ladies to add new abilities and dimension to their team.  Twanika Sommers, in the trade, is known as an observer.  She could spot the smallest detail.  She could see dog-eared pages in a book from five feet away.  She could tell if something is missing or if something doesn’t belong, but her best talent is sensing the mood of a person and sometimes spotting a lie as the person is saying it.  Twanika is an African/American with short hair and sparkling eyes.  Her slim build, high cheekbones and island features make her look more like a model than a detective.

 Twanika has a valuable colleague on the west side.  Maggie O’Brien is a remarkable woman.  She is a very talented observer, but she has the stealth of a trained deception artist.  She can slip in and out of the shadows like a ghost.  Maggie watches everything that goes on, on the west side.  Where most people see only regular folks going to and from work, Maggie sees all their little secrets and she is willing to sell them to the highest bidder.  She knows Twanika but she will still want payment for her information

Karen McDaniel is a stunning brunet with abundance all in the right places.   To Karen, her features and her cleverness are the tools of her trade.  Karen had been called a lot of things, but the most polite way to describe her talents is that she is a deception artist.  She can talk a leopard out of its spots and sell ice to Eskimos.  She could also pick your pocket, pick your lock, and break your heart, all in the same night.

Karen has an old friend named Patrick Grey.  Patrick and Karen would team up to run a scam now and then.  On a solo job Patrick was out-smarted by an F.B.I. task force and he spent ten years in a federal pen.  He met a lot of nasty characters in those ten years.  Patrick is now back home in Avendale and some of those nasty characters are also in town.

 These are the detectives of P.I.T.  Each has their own personal life that includes unfinished business that comes back to them during the stories.  In the game version the four players take the detective roles and use the skills of their detective to solve the cases.



Pete is a retired software developer, a writer, and a martial arts instructor. He lives in Maryland with his wife Cathy and they are enjoying their retirement. Pete is the author of four novels, "The Teacher", 500 Years from Home", and "The Long Journey Home" are available at; and "Pioneers" in available at the Kindle Book Store.

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