A Little Fantasy


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This is another one of my short shorts.  It is a young man’s.  It’s just called “Jamar.”


Jamar lazily stretched in his vine hammock.  He brushed his shoulder length hair out of his eyes and glided out of his resting place.  With a graceful motion he descended from his perch high in the great oak to the forest floor.  The warm summer breeze rustled through the trees bringing the fresh scents of the morning to Jamar and caressing his naked body.

With a sharp rap on the tree trunk he opened his secret place in the giant tree.  From the space he brought out his long bow and quiver, his soft leather tunic, and a pouch of provisions.

Jamar slid the tunic over his lean muscular body, attached the pouch to the leather belt, and slung the quiver over his shoulder.  Picking up his bow he flew into the rising sun.

With supple grace he rose above the treetops effortlessly using the magic that was within him.  With the vision of a hawk, Jamar’s green eyes scanned the forest below.  Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the presence of evil. A black leather wing disappeared into a cave below.

Jamar descended and prepared to face a formidable enemy.  The dracus had moved into the cave to avoid the rising sun.  Jamar thought as he quietly approached the cave, “The creature of the night was late in returning to its lair.  It must have had a good reason.”

Moving deep into the cave Jamar came upon a huge torch lit chamber.  Now Jamar could see why the creature lost track of time.  He had returned to his lair with a victim.  A beautiful young woman was chained to the wall.  She was dressed only in a sheer white nightgown.  The woman was terrified, crying and pulling on the chains as the dracus studied her.

The black scale covered creature moved toward the woman, and she cringed.  It stopped before reaching her.  Its eyes glowed red as it sensed Jamar’s presence. The dracus growled baring its razor sharp white fangs.

Jamar notched an arrow and fired.  The dracus leaped into the air on leather wings and was well out of the way when the arrow arrived.  Rising toward the chamber’s ceiling the creature let go a breath of fire rolling toward Jamar.

Spinning to dodge the flame Jamar found himself at the feet of the frightened woman.  She was so beautiful that he had to force himself to turn away from her and to concentrate on his enemy.         

The dracus was weakened from expending the flame, and Jamar took the advantage.  He shot into the air with magical speed driving himself straight into his enemy’s stomach.  He slammed the creature hard against the ceiling of the chamber. The dracus howled and dug its claws deep into Jamar’s shoulder, but Jamar felt no pain. Once again Jamar slammed the creature into the jagged ceiling.  This time he heard a snap.  The brittle bones in the creature’s leather wings gave way.  Jamar pushed away.  Without its wings; the dracus fell to the rocky floor below.

Descending himself, Jamar searched until he found the key to the chains that held the woman.  Jamar freed her and she collapsed in his arms.  Holding the woman close he flew back to his hammock in the trees.  Laying her down carefully Jamar hovered next to her.  He had to stop to gaze at her beauty.  She moved slightly causing the hammock to gently sway.  Her chestnut brown hair flowed down to her back, and her full breasts rose and fell under the sheer fabric.  With a tiny waist, rounded hips and perfectly tapered legs this woman had to be a goddess.

eyed at the ground below.”Oh oh oh,” the woman’s voice trembled as she tried to get out what she wanted to say, “oh please, get me down from here.  Please, I’m too high up.  Please get me down.”

“Don’t be afraid,” Jamar said with a smile, “I just thought that my hammock would be a good place for you to rest.”

“You can fly!”  The woman said, now staring at Jamar in awe.

“Yes, Jamar said gently, “please just put your arms around my neck and I’ll get you safely to the ground.”

The woman hesitated letting out a small cry as she wrapped her arms around Jamar’s strong shoulders.

Jamar held her tight and rose a bit until they were both suspended vertically in the air.  He could feel her warmth through the sheer nightgown, her softness against his hands, and the silkiness of her long hair on his arms.  They descended slowly and she looked at him with deep blue eyes that made him melt.

     Once on the ground the woman smiled.  She took Jamar’s hand, and lowered herself into the soft grass pulling Jamar to her.  As their lips met, a loud buzzing sound echoed through the forest.  The woman’s eyes shot open and Jamar yelled, “NO!”


     Everything went black and Mike Jamar felt someone pulling on his arm.  “Michael, come out of there this instant.  Wait till I tell your father about this.”

     “Wait wait Mom.” Mike said frustration clear in his voice.  “Let me take the headset off before you rip out half my scalp.”

     Mike’s mother was ranting at the manager of the virtual reality shop.  “Twenty years into the new millennium and we’ve lost all control.  Don’t you check identification in this place?  You know these scenarios aren’t for children.”

     “I did lady,” the man said, “he had a valid ID.”

     “He’s sixteen years old.  It’s a fake ID, you idiot.” she yelled at the man. 

     Then she turned to her son.  “Well Michael, what do you have to say for yourself?”

     Mike Jamar looked at his mother; his breathing was still a bit rapid.  “Mom, couldn’t you have waited another five minutes?”



Pete is a retired software developer, a writer, and a martial arts instructor. He lives in Maryland with his wife Cathy and they are enjoying their retirement. Pete is the author of four novels, "The Teacher", 500 Years from Home", and "The Long Journey Home" are available at Lulu.com; and "Pioneers" in available at the Kindle Book Store.

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