I Cannot Accept Sharia Law in a Modern Society


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I am still fuming from yesterday over the issue of the pregnant woman being sentenced to death in the Sudan for not converting to Islam.  That is not to mention the sentence of 100 lashes for adultery.  This was handed down by a court based on Sharia Law.

I read a little about Sharia Law, including a page defending it.  As you know, I try my best to respect all religions and believe everyone has a right to what they believe.  What I don’t like is when people try to impose their beliefs on others, either by coercion or by force of government.

This incident yesterday is an extreme example of forcing ones religion on another and it goes right back to the middle ages.  This is Sharia Law and it does indeed go back to the middle ages.  There are extremist in every religion.  Just a few days ago I read an article about extreme Jewish people in Israel vandalizing Christian churches and protesting the visit by the pope.  They were upset that he was going to hold services at one of the sacred sites.  It also happens to be the site of the Last Supper.  These were extremists; most of the country was planning a welcoming celebration for the pope. 

My problem with Sharia Law is that it is not just practiced by extremists; it is part of established governments.  Many will say that we only hear of the extreme verdicts handed down by Sharia courts and not how it works most of the time.  I my opinion, any law system than can allow the hanging of a pregnant woman for not accepting a religion is not a civilized law systems.  I don’t care if it is done every day or if it is done once every ten years, it is not a civilized system.

A law system that regulates someone’s person life beyond their actions being detrimental to others is not a democratic system.  One that does it through the means of barbaric penalties like death, dismemberment, and flogging is not a system that belongs outside the sixteenth century.

We don’t have the right to tell people in other countries how to run their business, but we do have a right to be horrified by their actions and to avoid doing things to support their ideology.  I do not believe that the United States of America should have anything to do with any nation that supports Sharia Law.  When I say nothing, I mean nothing.  No political or business ties, no foreign aid, no trade, no nothing.  How’s that for an extreme view.  I know politically it is better to be talking than not talking; you can’t get any intelligence if you don’t have someone on the inside, but I don’t see how we can without publically accepting their notions.  I know our economy would take a serious hit on the energy front but maybe it’s time we took that hit and began the process of weaning off the fossil fuel nightmare.

There are people in the United States that feel that have the right based, on religious freedom, a to impose Sharia Law on their families.  The answer is no you don’t.  The most basic of all rights is the individual right to the pursuit of happiness.  No organization, including the family may impose extreme punishments, even if they are based on religious principles.  We will not allow beatings and killings of women to protect a family’s honor.

This is not me, most people know that.  I am always for understanding the other side of an issue and taking the middle of the road approach to things, but not this time.  Any nation that feels they have the right to force the beliefs on others to the point of murdering them, is not worthy of the attention of the civilized world.


Pete is a retired software developer, a writer, and a martial arts instructor. He lives in Maryland with his wife Cathy and they are enjoying their retirement. Pete is the author of four novels, "The Teacher", 500 Years from Home", and "The Long Journey Home" are available at Lulu.com; and "Pioneers" in available at the Kindle Book Store.

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